How To Keep Your Sex Doll Clean

If you want to use your real doll for an extended period of time, make it a point to maintain a clean and well-kept doll. Unlike a sex toy, dolls require regular care and loads of attention. Hence, sex with a lifelike doll feels quite real and no sex toy comes close to that feeling.

Just keep in mind that there are two essential tools to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of your realistic doll. This first tool in question is vaginal irrigator. You can use it by filling the bulb syringe with soapy water or just plain water and insert the same into any cavity you have used. Then squeeze the bulb to flush out impurities.

The above procedure can help you clean any orifice that you have used. Cleaning is even more comfortable if you use a removable vagina instead of the fixed vagina. You can simply remove the vagina and take it to the sink or shower for cleaning. Using a condom can also simplify the cleaning aspect. However, it may not be compulsory as cleaning your sex doll requires only a few minutes.

Furthermore, ensure your doll is clean and dry after every session. Get rid of any tight clothing or material that could stain. If you want to powder your doll before storing away, stick to a pure, cornstarch-based powder. Some doll owners also recommend using baby powder for the same. Also, it is essential to ensure the doll is dry in order to apply the powder. Not doing so will result in a pasty mess.

For those who love taking care of their dolls can check out the all-in-one sex doll cleaning kit. It may cost some extra money but really simplifies your job if you plan to own more than one full-size doll.