Many say they have the highest affiliate commission rate in the sex doll and sex toy industry, but they don't pay out as much as we do at SDD. Not just that, we treat you like family and help you with amazing content, support and lead nurturing opportunities to make you grow your business. 

How much can you make as an SDD Affiliate?

Our affiliates earn a flat 10% commission for each sale generated as a result of their referrals. This is the highest commission rate offered by anyone in the industry. But we know a high commission isn't worth anything if the product is HIGH QUALITY. So, we extend our SDD Guarantee to all affiliate generated sales as well. So, the customers you nurture and convert get the quality and product they truly deserve. 

An Illustration: a single sale of our top-selling love doll, Deloris ($3,200), will generate you a whopping $320 in commission! That's just from one sale!

How do I begin?

  1. Register as an SDD Affiliate Partner.
  2. Place the ready-made banner ads we provide you and your affiliate link on your sites and promote them. You can also create your own banner ads. 
  3. When a user clicks on these banner ads and lands on and makes a purchase, you will automatically earn 10% of the sale value. We offer a lot of customizations and add-ons. So, your final commission may well be higher.  
  4. Login to your Affiliate Dashboard at any time to track clicks, conversions, and earnings.  

How to become an Affiliate Partner

Click here to register. We will quickly approve your application and we will send you banner ads and a personalized URL. It's extremely important that you use this unique URL in order for us to trace the sales back to you and pay your commissions.